Designer & Events Planner based in
South Florida

Wedding and event stylist located in the south Florida location. Travel can be

South Florida offers a unique blend of picturesque landscapes, beautiful weather, and a vibrant culture, making it an ideal setting for weddings and events. The area boasts diverse venues, from stunning beaches to luxurious resorts, providing a wide range of options for couples. Additionally, being a South Florida wedding planner, we have extensive experience working with this backdrop, offering specialized knowledge, connections to top vendors, and expertise in navigating the region's specific requirements, resulting in a tailored and memorable wedding experience.

Always ready to deliver compelling end premium events

We are committed to consistently delivering top-tier, premium events as a wedding and event planner.  Our dedication lies in ensuring every event planned exudes a premium quality, tailored to perfection.


I conduct personalized consultations with clients to tailor each event to their unique vision and preferences. Engaging in detailed interviews with clients to understand their desires and create bespoke events that reflect their individual style and preferences.


I am a visionary wedding and event designer dedicated to crafting enchanting and personalized experiences. My passion for creativity and attention to detail allows me to curate stunning and unique wedding and event designs that bring couples' dreams to life.


I specialize in crafting and coordinating unforgettable weddings and events. My passion allows me to meticulously plan and organize beautiful and memorable weddings for couples and events for companies or families.


My experienced event team is committed to ensuring every detail is attended to and poised to flawlessly execute your special day.

As a devoted entrepreneur in the realm of elegant event designs, I bring a profound passion and creativity cultivated through my experience as a freelance makeup artist, contributing to styled shoots for publications like V magazine. Prioritizing customer experience, I thrive on unconventional thinking, steering away from the ordinary to ensure a unique and personalized touch for each client. My commitment extends beyond expectations, ensuring a sense of value and appreciation through tailored customization.
Distinguished by my dedication and tireless work ethic, I excel as a problem solver, swiftly adapting to guarantee optimal outcomes in every situation. Specializing in a spectrum of events, particularly weddings, my enthusiasm for the craft fuels a journey marked by continuous growth. Engaging with various artistic mediums, such as centerpieces, florals, balloon styling, backdrops, and custom painted pieces, I revel in the artistic diversity inherent in this profession. My unwavering love for what I do propels me forward, eager to embark on the next chapter of this fulfilling venture.

Jasmine Nicole

Founder & lead partner